Sunday, November 14, 2010

thanksgiving Countdown #12...

Another no-brainer today. Although, something I have come to take for granted (as most things), today I am thankful for electricity. And warm water. And the comforts of living in a home.

On Saturday, we had the power shut off for the day. This is the second scheduled power outage on base since we have moved here. We have also had a 3 day hot water outage. That was no fun.

Luckily, this day was gorgeous outside! Our first outage was on a 100 degree humid day in July. It was God awful. We ended up going away for the weekend just so we could get air conditioning. This time, no such worries. It was a gorgeous day outside. We went to breakfast at the bakery (along with 1/2 the base) since they were operational, went to an outdoor craft fair for a few hours while the kids played with friends and I shopped, and then went to a birthday party where there was electricity. When we got back home, we all took naps and when we woke up - we had power!

But it made me realize how grateful I am for that smart guy, flying a kite during a thunderstorm, Ben Franklin, who made most of the luxuries in my home possible.

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