Tuesday, November 16, 2010

thanksgiving Countdown #14...

Sisterhood. The word with a thousand meanings, but with the same feeling. Miriam Webster states sisterhood as:

a : the state of being a sister
b : sisterly relationship

: a community or society of sisters; especially : a society of women in a religious order

: the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns

And although I am always thankful for my 'real' sisters, Anna and Kaitlin, that would fall under my general thankfulness I have all the time. I promised no obvious thankful posts...so this is not about them (although, I repeat, I AM very grateful for them).

Today, I am thankful for the non-biological sisterhood. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was to join the sisterhood of Delta Phi Epsilon. To this day, I utilize lessons learned, keep in touch with friends made, and even with current sisters there now (OK - it helps that my biological sister Kaitlin is also there now). I still wear my letters proud and am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful organization.

I am also thankful for the sisterhood of best friends. Friends til the end. Friends that know everything about you and still love you anyway. Friends you have known since 1st grade. Friends who you roomed with in college. Friends you met at your first 'real' job. Friends you met while your husband was in med school. Friends you relied on whole-heartedly during residency. These sisters of my heart were always there for me and I know they always will be. I could go months without speaking to them, or talk to them every day. There is a natural bond that literally and physically draws me to want to be near them. They have held my hair while I puked. They were the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant (even before Patrick). They made me meals for months after Evelyn was born. They were in my wedding. They let me join in their weekly Grey's anatomy nights. They understood 100 hour work weeks. They celebrated when I passed my athletic training exam on the first attempt. They, unfortunately, were sexually harassed with me while we were both too scared to say anything (until we found out about each other and finally stepped up and said something!)!

And now, I am in a sisterhood community again. There is no choice but to support and love one another now. Being the wife of a military man has it's unique challenges. Living in Japan does also. So today, I was very thankful for the Yokota Officer Spouse Club. They held a beautiful luncheon and discussed how to throw a party. From decorations, to food prep, to folding the napkins. And even though I have only been here for 3 months (almost 4!), I can feel the unspoken sisterhood there. It's unmistakable.

And I am very blessed to be able to experience sisterhood in all the possible ways and definitions!

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Leah Young said...

Oh wow Kelly, this was such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing, tears....love ya!