Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obstacle Course Park - lots of pics (sorry!)

I was rummaging through some of the suggestions for local activities to do with kids today and I cam across one for a roller slide park. These are huge slides with rolling pin type things throughout the slide that roll with the kids as they go down. I called my friend, Michele, to ask for directions or advice and she told me about ANOTHER park near here that they call the obstacle course park. Their family ended up joining us since they had only been once and wanted to go again! It was so much fun!!!

It was about a 15-20 minute drive - primarily because of all the traffic lights. Once we got there we parked and walked across the street into some woods. There were "stairs" built from wooden planks that led the way up a slippery steep hill. Along the way we passed teeter totters, walking beams, springy circle things, nets, webs, slides, forts, huts, zip cords, tree houses, hills, more stairs, bridges, ultimately ending up at a super cool playground area. It was so nice to be outside surrounded by gorgeous forests! It was totally worth all the bug bites we got! We did see some huge spiders too along the way - they even sounded like they were hissing at us!

The kids liked the huge slide the most. They kept running back up the stairs/hill to get back to the top. It was quite a work out! I am sure they will sleep soundly tonight! We also learned a valuable lesson on the zip lines....always test out how fast it is first on an adult!!! We learned this the hard way, sending Evie a bit too quick :-) She was a trooper though and shook it off! The picture I took of her is right before she hit the end of the rope and bounced back :-) We also learned that the mud is super slick - so always stay on the guided course! I think Michele and I ended up with the most mud on us from slipping down a few hills while not using the stairs.

I am so grateful to have friends to go on fun adventures with and teach us new sights around Japan. Thank E family!!! I also posted a picture of the road we take to get there. You can see how small it is and how close the truck is to us!

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