Saturday, September 18, 2010

Early Birthday Gift

I was running errands on Friday and I stopped by the Officer Spouse Club's Thrift Shop. They had just gotten in 2 super cute pink and white (perfect for Evie's room) doll houses. They were about 3 feet tall and came with some Barbie Dream house accessories (even though it was not a Barbie looked custom built to be LIKE a Barbie house). One had the front door missing and they were selling it (with the inside furniture) for only $10!!! I quickly grabbed it for Evie's b-day gift and headed home.

Unfortunately, we needed space in our car to get some top soil so I had to bring in the house. We ended up giving it to her for an early gift. She played with it for hours (literally)! It was the best $10 gift we spent on her :-) She doesn't really have many Barbies (maybe one or two) so she used her Princesses (Barbie sized) as well as her mini-princesses to be used as babies.

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