Sunday, September 19, 2010

birthday cake

I know it looks gross, but we need to be creative with Gavin's egg allergy. I get sad for him when he can't eat cake like everyone else on special occasions - so I found a bunch of alternative ways to make a cake without eggs. This particular one was posted on a lot of different sites so I gave it a shot. It looks gross - but was super easy and got great reviews. I think it turned out great (better than using applesauce). It is sweet with a moist, but spongy texture. A perfect alternative for us! Also, Evelyn made the whole thing...with just a little help from me at the end for stirring. She also frosted it (and learned a secret trick from me on how to eat the frosting out of the can before you put it on the cake :-)!

I posted a few pictures of her opening her early birthday gifts (that she opened at breakfast so she could call the East Coast people to thank them). She loved everything! She opened each one, even the outfits, one by one admiring and ohhing and ahhing. She even took each pair of Princess panties out of the package to play! She got a new Wii game, DS game, her annual outfits from Godmother Eileen, clothes, pjs, some homemade felt food, money and a renewed subscription to National Geographic Wildlife magazine for kids. What a spoiled little girl!!!

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