Sunday, September 19, 2010


We decided to take a little family time and go bowling on Evie's birthday afternoon. There is a bowling alley on base so we swung by to give it a try. It was very nice anc clean (and big)! They had bumpers for the kids as well as those ramps to help them get the ball down the lane. We are not sure if the lanes were warped or not - but the kids' balls never went it became a game to angle it to figure out the best way for them. We got Gavin to try a few times without the ramp - but he liked it better with... he had such a spin it kept riding the rails. Both got at least one spare and they actually tied the first game. 1/2 way through the second game, Evie dropped the ball on her foot (while attempting to put it on the ramp) and was done. Gavin also gave up around this point too. But it was still a fun, exciting family birthday celebration!

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn!