Sunday, January 10, 2010

snow days

Snow angels with friends

Daddy's new car - MazdaSpeed 3

Sliding into a pile of snow

All bundled up!

We have been getting bits and pieces of snowfall, but last week we actually got some that accumulated into 6 inches or so. Tons of fun for the whole family! Patrick has an easy schedule right now - so he is home to help shovel and enjoy playing with the kids.

I attached a picture of Patrick's new car. He was not very happy with his last car (basically he just got the cheapest car available to get through residency) but we were able to finance the car through my mom's 'bank' at 0%...which meant we were able to get a whole lot more of a car for the same monthly payments. Patrick has been eying this car for a few years now and even went to get one last year - but they were screwing him on his trade in and for the new car. We ended up finding this great deal on this car...basically it was left over inventory from a dealership that closed but it was acquired by a different dealer - so it had to be sold as used. It only had 200 miles on it, and we got it for about $4000-$5000 LESS than a new one. He adores it - and I am happy that he finally has a car he loves. He deserves it!

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Jen said...

Yeah! So glad you are updating your blog again. I miss all the snow! I love your family picture at the bottom of your blog. Did Melissa take it? Can't wait to hear where you're headed this year. I'm crossing my fingers for CA or LV so that we can see you guys. Good luck!