Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009


Evie's gifts from Santa - Disney Princess Barbies

Cousins - Kaleigh and Gavin

Mom's annual gift - each of us got an ornament that said "1st born, I'm mom's favorite" or "middle child" or "last born"...but we all know I AM the favorite!

Gavin's new golf clubs - I love his dramatic hand-on-the head

The kids learning about our trip to Disney World

Our Christmas morning pose

Eating Chinese food and playing touch screen

My little blue box from Tiffany's!!!

We were able to get a great, long break over the holidays to go back to PA and visit our families again. This was our 5th year we were off for Christmas- so we felt very blessed to be able to spend each year with our loved ones. Although it will be nice to wake up one day in our own house and celebrate, it is always better when surrounded by family.

Over the break, we got to visit with tons of friends and family. Patrick got an amazing gift/opportunity to go to a home Steelers game with 2 of his best buds. Denny was in the states (visiting from Italy) and Tony (and a friend) also drove out. They had great seats and watched an amazingly exciting game. I was so happy Patrick got to experience that. While he was in Pittsburgh, I drove the kids back to my moms house where we proceeded to get snowed in. Some areas got 2 feet of snow - so it was fun to be trapped inside with everyone. I also got to visit with Dad and spend a few hours with that was awesome too!

Once Patrick left Pittsburgh, we stayed at his parents house for the next few days. During the day, I would travel and visit people. We saw my BFF Eileen and her 2 boys (and made super cool build-a-robot and also a build-a-bear), we visited my Poppop at his nursing home, saw my Godfather and his family, and I also got to meet up with my girlfriend, Emily, without kids. I must admit, the children were on their ultimate bast behavior - even when visiting the King Of Prussia Mall (aka - my heaven). We went into Tiffany's, Williams Sonoma and other 'grown up stores" and they were angels. They also got to have a blast sledding in Mommom and Poppop's yard - since they live on a huge hill. We spent hours in the snow - which led to some cranky evenings - but it was worth it.

Christmas Eve, we spent back at Tishymom's house. We ordered our usual Chinese food and Anna and her family came over and exchanged gifts. The kids had a blast, but were in bed by 9, after putting out cookies for Santa. Christmas morning was nice and relaxing. I love the joy on Gavin and Evelyn's faces. They were ecstatic. After the madness was over, we headed back to the Bull's for Christmas dinner. Ryan flew in for the day and Erin and her kids all were there - so it was hectic but fun.

After Christmas is when the sh*t started hitting the fan though. Let's just say everyone on the Bull side all got a nasty stomach bug that kept us in PA and extra few days. Evie and Patrick had it the worst. I was so grateful to have my mom and Kiki there to take care of us....and so glad they didn't get it from us.

All in all, it was another great holiday. It was not very relaxing (but it never is) but the experience will be a memory forever!

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