Sunday, January 18, 2009

bacon bits

One of our friends (Leah) has introduced me to a friend of hers blog...she lost her daughter in a tragic choking incident earlier this year. I keep an update of her blog as it helps me keep perspective on how lucky I am to have each day with my kids. On her site, she has more blogs of fellow "angels' who passed way too early. One of her posts was about other parents who lost children to choking. Her daughter was on an apple, but others included grapes, gum, bacon, and other ordinary foods. I always am super careful when my kids are eating any of these items that she listed - but this morning, Evie started choking on a piece of bacon. It may have lasted only about 20 seconds - but scared me to death! Patrick remained calm - but I freaked and ran to her, patting her back (which you are not supposed to do) while Patrick caught the inevitable puke and bacon bits that came flying out. Again - a super quick incident but still scary! Evie cried for a minute - then asked to eat again. She downed another waffle and went for more bacon...I guess it's her way of getting back on the horse!

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