Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun Day in the Sun

So today was another glimpse into possibly nicer weather. It was upper 40's or low 50's (a little chilly but nice) and SUNNY! So what a perfect day to neglect all the household chores and purging and to go outside ALL day! Basically from noon until 4 - we were outside playing. I found the playset I have been looking for on craigslist and my mom said she would buy it - so my neighbor was kind enough to help pick it up in his truck last night and then I put it together today (with the help of Ashli, Nathan, Carter, Angie, Kelly, McKenna and Gavin). It is perfect for the space I wanted it in and for the littler kids to play in. Even crawlers can enjoy it as there are tunnels, etc to play in - but the big kids loved it too (with 2 slides and a small tunnel to crawl through for them).

The second we got inside Gavin fell asleep. Unfortunately, when he woke up he had a super nasty rash - almost like a sunburn/sunpoisoning rash ALL over his back and chest. It was red with goosebumps and clearish little bumps. Poor thing was scratching himself on furniture, with forks, hair brushes - anything to relieve his itch. The doctor thinks it may be a strep rash - but I think it is from grass. It is sporing time here in Columbus and I know he has had reactions (although different from this one) before. We'll see. Anyway - we all enjoyed getting outside and forgetting about cleaning and purging for a while!


The Christensens said...

Can you believe we were out that long? The time flew by! We all got a little pink in the face!

WineLover said...

Bet the kids all sleep great tonight!!