Sunday, March 30, 2008

If you have a quick gag reflex - DO NOT LOOK

Since Patrick left this morning for Philly, I am trying to re-organize the entire house. I am starting with the kids stuff - since that is the majority of it anyway. It is hard for me to do this when Patrick is home because I tear everything out of it's place and then put back the stuff I want, give away the rest. But when everything is out - Patrick sort of has panic attacks because there is so much clutter. I eventually clean it all out - but it takes a week or so. So I have to do it when he is away.

Anyway, I am cleaning out the kids' rooms and I find Evelyn with this.... My first reaction was dry heaving, because my mind automatically goes to the thought of poop. But then I realized she just ate a brown crayon...still gross though!


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