Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Space rocks, home school, snow and stamping

The past few days have been filled with some fun and funny things. First off, Gavin anxiously grabbed me saying "Look Mom, Diego and I found some space rocks!" (Gavin has imaginary friends and Diego is one of them) So he pulled me into the bathroom and then proceeded to show me his poop which he said looked like space rocks (and to be honest - they did). So now every time he needs to go potty - he says "I need to drop some space rocks off in the toilet". Totally all him - no prompting by either Patrick or I to say those things!!!

The next thing is for all those who are asking about Gavin's home pre-school works. This week we learned about the ocean. I taught him about different sea creatures and some interesting facts about them. We learned about an octopus, a fish, a whale and a starfish. He made an octopus out of crepe paper (tentacles) and a paper bag (body) - and therw it up and down to see how the legs worked. I cut out some star shapes and he pasted some oatmeal onto it to see how they are bumpy. He also pasted some crepe paper on a paper plate and made a whale. And used a pencil eraser and paint to make scales on a fish. Before each activity he practices writing the letter of each project (F for fish, W for whale, etc). He loves his school days and is definitely getting ready for real pre-school next year! (the pics are of him painting the glue paste on for the whale, painting the scales on the fish and then also holding up his whale and octopus).

On tuesday, I also hosted my second monthly Stampin' Up Club. This month we focused on Easter and made a 6x6 layout, a card and a basket. I have more and more fun each month as I see the other girls get excited and learn more too. I really love that I became a demonstrator and that I have these group of girls in my club!!!

Wednesday we woke up to a perfect snow day. What I mean by perfect is that the snow was HUGE and FLUFFY and looked totally fake! The roads were not bad at all, so we still made playgroup (at the playground at Church of the Nazarene). That let the kids run off some steam. Then we were back for lunch, I put Evie down for a nap, and Gavin and I bundled up and went outside! The snow was so light and fluffy - it basically disintegrated as soon as it was touched. So our neighbor and friends, Kelly and McKenna, came over and helped sweep the snow off the driveway. Some may consider it child labor - but I thought it was FUN!!! They did such a good job - check out the pics! Then we made some snow angels, and Gavin and I would literally put our entire face into a heap of snow and eat it! The snow would get all over your face, for like a second, and then melt - so it wasn't cold. But it tasted so yummy (no yellow snow of course!).

Overall, a great few days! Looking forward to the rest of the week (dinner with ALL the girls tomorrow, maybe a date night with the hubby this weekend). Hope you all are having a great week too!

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Mary said...

Very cute activities! Gavin has a great attention span.