Friday, February 22, 2008

Post-Valentine's Day Dinner

Last night, our Advocates group (the wive's club) had our post-valentine's day dinner - to help those women who did not get taken out because of busy schedules, forgetful husbands, etc. Actually, it was just another excuse to get together and GRUB! We went to Figlio's in Grandview and it was great! Our good friend, Martina, had her 30th there so I already knew what I wanted to order! It was sooooo good that I ate ALL of it (which I normally cannot do) but ended up VERY sick that night. I hope it wasn't the food - but I also hope it wasn't a bug. Either way, I feel much better now (tired from a LONG night).

There were about 16 or 18 of us (I forgot to count) and we had a private room which was nice. Made it feel even more special! Of course, we talk about everything and anything and get a chance to bond even more! I am posting some pics - but a lot are from my angle in my seat so it did not get everyone's face...sorry girls!

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