Wednesday, January 9, 2008

While the eatin' is good!!!

So although I still have so much to do around the house, anyone who knows me knows that I will find any excuse to avoid it. So today we went to the zoo to enjoy the almost 70 degree weather that we have had for 2 days. We couldn't do much on Monday due to doctor appointments and pre-school stuff so I was NOT about to miss the chance to get out with the kids (and get some fresh air myself)! I called the girls this morning and ended up meeting Julie and Mary (by chance). It was great to get Gavin out to run around with their boys (Seth is almost 3 and Greg just turned 3 in Dec) so they were all close in age. The had fun watching the monkeys and seeing all the animals that were out and active. It was a great day (pretty windy though) for the zoo and I am so glad we got out! (PS - Thanks Mary for the pics...PPS - Ignore Evelyn's dried snot nose).

When we came home, Cara and Baby Hailey (not so baby anymore - she's almost 2 but Gavin still calls her Baby Hailey) came over to work on our schedule for the Advocates meetings. It was fun to hang out while Gavin and Hailey played (Evie slept) and just catch up with Cara. Plus, it helped me avoid working on the house more!!!


Mary said...

I'm so glad we ran into you. Greg had such a good time. I love that when I told Greg to say "Hi Gavin," that Gavin said "Hi Gavin." Too cute!

Nuttawit said...
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