Saturday, January 12, 2008

What happens when your kids get overtired

We have had such a great weekend so night last night which included Brazenhead Pub, bowling and touch screen games, slept in until after 7, worked out, had homemade breakfast when I walked in the door after the gym, Patrick got the deck finished, I organized my scrapbook stuff, we all visited great friends... But I knew if we kept the kids out too long it would backfire, and it did. After our visit to the Napoleons, we got home around 8:30. Not too late except Gavin has been outside running and playing due to the nice weather and also playing at the Napoleons in their open basement (meant to be a soccer play area). They also had a mini-trampoline that Gavin was on the majority of the time there. So an hour past bedtime when he is that beat = bad news. He wanted me to carry him in from the car but I had Patrick tried to be sweet and carry him. Not happening. So Patrick tried to fool around with him and turn him upside down while walking upstairs to get in the bath. Well, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Gavin totally started to freak. And not cry-baby, whining freak. I mean, head spinning, eyes bulging, meltdown. The kind that is so scary to watch as a mom, and even scarier to happen to that child. I quickly took him into my room to start the cool-down but was not very successful. So Patrick convinced me just to throw him in the tub, wash him quick and off to bed. Well good thing we made it to the tub because all 3 slices of pizza + dessert came right out!!! Yuck! His eyes are all bloodshot and he broke blood vessels in his face from screaming. I don't remember him ever doing this this bad before. I brought him back in my room and he REFUSED to put clothes on. Kicking and screaming - totally possessed. He eventually hurled some more and then, as quick as it started, it stopped (thank God). We were able to convince him to brush his teeth, drink some water, put on clothes and get into bed. He could barely keep his poor eyes open. What a tragic night for him. Just too much stimulation and fun during the day!!! And bad parents that keep him out too late at night!!!

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