Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 19

This on is I am thankful for HEAT! You heard me, just having heat in my house finally is consuming my gratitude today! Twice a year, every year the base goes through a 'no heat/no cool' period. This year was scheduled Oct 15-Nov 15. Towards the end it started getting really chilly. Even with space heaters I found myself sleeping with sweatshirts and socks (a total no no in my book) and the kids had at least 4 blankets on them at all times. I counted down the days until Nov 15...and then nothing. We got another warning saying it could be another week! So each day it has been getting colder and colder until today...I walked in from running errands and did a happy dance in my warm house!!! I called my neighbor to celebrate as it truly is a wonderful thing to have HEAT! It makes me realize how lucky we are that we can turn it on and off whenever we want...while others don't have any. I am very thankful for this simple pleasure.

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