Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16

Today I am grateful for the lovely friends I have made in my Peace Lily Culture Group. I have been fortunate to be in 3 different groups and have loved my experiences in each one! Today, we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for our ladies. We had all the usuals (well, almost all) that completed a Thanksgiving feast. I made the turkey (I borrowed my friend Lynn's electric roaster and I will NEVER cook a turkey any other way now), some hot spiced apple cider and a Pumpkin gooey butter cake. I woke up at 6 to start the turkey but it was worth it :-) We also helped them decorate Christmas cookies (Lynn baked dozens of cookies with 4 different frostings) and made a cute craft (picture coasters). After lunch we sang songs, played games, ate desserts (we had a professional baker on hand who made a toffee cheesecake - Lord help me - as well as an award winning apple pie) and we sat in a food coma and chatted....just like real Thanksgiving!!! We also taught them how we go around the room and speak of what we are thankful for. Needless to say...we were ALL thankful for the friendships formed in that group!

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