Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15

I am grateful for the great teachers we have had so far in my children's education. Today, I was lucky enough to sit with Gavin's awesome teacher for over 30 minutes to discuss his progress and accomplishments. She creates portfolios for the kids to showcase their work through the year and take pride in what they have done. And she doesn't poo-poo if there are areas that need improvement or need to keep an eye on further. Gavin excels academically (usually) so we also want to make sure he is being challenged and not creating problems if things are too easy. So far, so good! The PTO has purchased some awesome software that they can do for homework that tracks their progress also and can deepen their knowledge on a subject instead of just increasing the amount of subject matter once they compete a level. His teacher pointed out the importance of this concept and I am grateful for it being implemented in her classroom. And although I enjoy being part of his education (and Evelyn's), I can rest assured that he has had the best of the best teachers so far!!!

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