Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our first week back...

Things have been slowly getting back to normal for us again in Japan. Gavin started school last week and Evelyn went back this week. She was excited to go back - especially since one of her best girlfriends, Julia, is in her class. They had assigned seats next to each other, but unfortunately, the day Evelyn went back is the day the decided to rearrange seats. As far as I know, that was the only snafu as she was happy when she got home and wanted to go back the next day!

The only really bad part this week is that Patrick and Gavin both got sick which sort of ruined our 4 day weekend plans. But, we stayed at home, together as a family and did nothing. To me, it was great!

Since I had so much unpacking and laundry to do anyways, I had extra motivation to purge clothes and toys, put winter gear away, and reorganize. My BFF Eileen told me about Space Bags (my newest obsession) so I went gung ho and totally got everything done. We have so much storage room now, the kids areas are organized (but still livable and easy to sustain organization) and the house has been pretty clean since we have been back! Let's see how long I can keep it up!

The kids have adjusted very well and are happy to be back with their daddy, school and friends. But, I do think that our little adventure has brought them even closer together. Most mornings they wake up and crawl into each others' bed and read books or play. Gavin can't wait to pick up Evie at the bus stop and hear about her day. And Evelyn always asks Gavin to go out and play with her when she heads out back. I love seeing how close they are and I think it is cute that they still want to spend time together as much as possible!

So, that is our week in a nutshell. I have made some goals for myself each day - and one of them is less time on the computer. I do plan to make computer time worthy though - so I hope to keep updating and tracking our adventures! For now, I am going to put away more laundry :-)

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