Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back with a Bang!!!

Today was Gavin's first day back to school. I was going to keep him out until next week - but he desperately wanted to go back, so we obliged. It was so heart warming to see how excited he was as well as how excited his little classmates were to see him! It makes me feel good to see that all his friends were so happy to have him back!

The only glitch we ran into was that tonight was the whole kindergarten's Spanish Dance recital and Gavin wanted to be included. Now, mind you, he has not practiced at all, let alone even know the songs and dances expected of him. But he still wanted to be a part of it!

In my opinion...he did great! I was so proud of my little man that he wanted to be part of his 'team' regardless of if he knew the steps or not. I thought he adjusted perfectly (except for a few late moves and a slight wardrobe malfunction) and he seemed to have a blast!!!

I am trying to attach a video..if it doesn't post I will keep trying!

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