Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Japanese New Year celebration lunch

Today we went with our culture groups to celebrate our new year. The Japanese women took us to a cool place called Kourakuen for lunch and some fun festival-like activities. I still am not a huge fan of fish, sushi, etc - but I made a valiant effort to try most things on my plate...even if it was just one bite. I couldn't bring myself to eat the prawn with the eyeballs still on it - but most of the other things were ok. Let's just say I filled up on rice :-)

After we ate, they had a performing group come and dance in a dragon costume, put on the creepy smiley face masks (as my friend, Christa, said - it reminds you of Silence of the lambs), and then a drum and dancing bit. We all got up to dance - which turned into a Japanese conga line! It was great fun, and a reminder of why I LOVE joining these groups. I would have never gone there on my own (or even with Patrick) or gotten to experience it with personal guides, explaining what the food was, why the dance was important, etc.

As we were leaving we noticed a special room that had a pond inside. It turns out, you can personally fish in there, catch fish, and the chef will cook it up right in front of you! I really wished I liked fish more - because that sounds fun to me!!!

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