Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fuji Kids Yochien

So we finally decided on a school for Evelyn. Actually, we kind of let her choose. There were many great options - but this one had horses. And ducks. And slides from the upper roof to the lower playground area. It was a no brainer in the eyes of an almost 4 year old. And for me, I liked the Montessori teaching style. Less aggressive with subjects. More time to help kids learn things themselves. I know she will learn colors and shapes and counting. But having her learn how to help herself set a table, or grow vegetables and crop them and cook them, or how to ride on a train with manners...these are things I would love for her to learn (since I don't have the patience to teach them).

The school makes you label everything. Seriously, everything. Every marker, crayon, clothing item...all has to have her name on it. They keep the kids responsible for every action - even cleaning up after each activity. Forks, was a painful process! She also has to wear uniforms to school. Now through October is a sports-like uniform. T-shirt with the school logo and polyester shorts. In the winter she will have a plaid skirt, sweater, long sleeve polo or button down shirt. She also has a little hat -although I had to get her a large since she wears pigtails a lot. It is just for outside anyway. But she sure did look cute!

I met a woman whose daughter was also just starting Fuji Kids so we drove over together today. We were to stay with them (to help them adjust) from 9-11. The little girl's name is Hailey and she has a big brother (who is 7) that got along great with Gavin. I think they will end up being good buddies. It was just nice to be going through this new process with someone else. We also met 2 dads who brought their kids. One of the kids is in Evie's exact class. His name is Benjamin and they sat together.

Gavin gave Evie a little pep talk about what to do (actually what NOT to do) in class. I taped it for your viewing pleasure.

Although I was a bit hesitant about the language barrier - I quickly realized that kids in preschool don't need to listen a lot. They follow what the teacher does. Dancing to music (check out the video), reading books, playing with toys...don't need words to understand what to do. There was only one incident...Evelyn put some girl in a headlock for taking a toy away from her. It was quickly and quietly broken up, and that was the end of it. They also took the new kids up to the front and introduced them. She did great - and even said Konnichiwa (hello in Japanese). She wears a Japanese name tag too.

Tomorrow I drop her off and leave her from 9-11. I hope she has a good day tomorrow too!

***The videos are not uploading...sorry! I'll keep trying!


I am Laura said...

looks like a great school. I think my kids need a little Montessori manners training too. She looks so cute in her piggies.

Mary said...

I always have trouble loading videos. Eric has even converted them for me but I still can't get it to work.

What an amazing experience you guys are having. I hope Evelyn has a great school year and I'm glad you found someone to share it with.

Miss you!