Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friendship Festival 2010

This afternoon we went to the annual Friendship Festival on base. It is when the base opens up their gates to allow the Japanese community in. They expect between 150000 and 170000 people. There are air stunts, music stages, static plane exhibits, motorcycle shows, food, games...etc. We have heard horror stories about the heat and crowds - but I think we lucked out. We took a break from our unpacking around 3pm and caught the shuttle to the main part of base. Gavin LOVED the planes and has changed his future plans so now he wants to be a pilot. Evie liked the helicopters the best. I liked the funnel cake :-) The kids also got to play on jumpy things (no wait for the line) and got some sno-cones that were so gross, we threw them away after 2 bites.

Sorry I have no clue as to what most of these planes are. Patrick knows them all and tried to tell me...but I don't listen that well to him. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics!

PS - The first pic is what our back deck still looks like.


The Christensens said...

Funnel cake!! hahahahaha

Andrews Family said...

That's so funny...Shane always tells me the names of the planes also, but to me they are still just called "planes".

We are definitely going later next year...sounds like you had a more enjoyable experience than us....we were HOT HOT HOT and the kids were GROUCHY GROUCHY GROUCHY. We still managed to have fun though, but next year we'll definitely go later. Love the backyard...hopefully it doesn't rain soon :)