Saturday, July 24, 2010

day 2

The hardest thing so far about this move has been the time change. We absolutely CRASHED yesterday afternoon around 1pm (it felt like midnight to us after an entire 2 days of traveling) and then we slept until 8 or 9pm. This felt like the morning for us and we even had coffee, cereal and watched morning tv shows (don't ask me how they were on at that time at night). We skyped with loved ones which was so nice. And then we took 'naps' from 3am-8am. This got us a bit back on track for the time change because at least we felt recharged while the sun was up.

We ended going up to the commisary, signing up for cable/internet/phone and looking at cell phone providers. My concern is that the company on base that we want to use (with the Iphone) gets really bad reception in the houses and hospital. The other company (which is just off base) get great reception - but has crappy phones that I can't use with skype. I may just end up getting the crappy phones with good service - and hope that Santa buys me an Itouch for christmas....

We also went out for our first Japanese lunch Chilis!!! It was a goodbye gathering for the guy that Patrick is replacing, so it was fun. I exchanged some US dollars for yen while we were there and it made me feel rich. Their money is like monopoly money - and it looked like a $5000 bill (really only worth about $50).

Michele (our sponsor and neighbor and future partner's wife) took me by the "Lemon Lot" to look for cars. They have a place where people park their car they are trying to sell and you can check them out. Most cars/minivans are older with a lot of mileage - but super cheap. I found a few I liked...but we can't get a license until Thursday so I still have a few days left to check them out.

We ended the day with a BBQ at Michele and Andy's house. It was going great until Evelyn hit her limit and melted down. It was a doozy. But the poor girl was running on empty - and it felt like 5am. So I had to leave early to get her home. Now it is 6:30pm and we are all going to bed!!!


I am Laura said...

I am so glad they have people there to help you through everything. Instant friends are the best. I hope you get on the right sleep schedule soon so that the kids feel good and you too. My thoughts are with you.

WineLover said...

I think it's funny that the used cars are parked at the "Lemon Lot"! :)