Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top 10

These are the top 10 things I loved about this weekend:

10. Watching Patrick take over 30 minutes to try to fix the tv screen (the channel number was staying lit in the corner), which took Evelyn 3 seconds to mess up.

9. Being surprised by the amount of snow we had, and getting a chance to go outside and play for hours on end with the kids.

8. Having kids that LOVE being out in the cold and not whining that they are cold or want to go back in...I had to drag them inside to eat.

7. Building a 6+ feet tall snowman with the kids and Angie's family.

6. Having our friends, The Simpsons (Autumm, Alex, Alexa, Packy and Olivia), come over when their power went out for a fun day in the snow.

5. Making breakfast from scratch for all of us and making soup in the crock pot so the house smelled yummy all day.

4. Having a massive snowball fight between the daddys vs. all the rest of us.

3. Patrick making a fort/igloo with a tunnel/slide inside so the kids could play.

2. Sleeping in until after 8 each morning.

1. Having the kids be so tired from the snow that they crashed before their bedtimes and Patrick and I were able to watch scary movies that required lots of snuggling :-)

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