Tuesday, February 9, 2010


No - that is not a typo (although we did make lots of snowballs for another massive snowball fight). I would like to announce that Mr. Snowman met a wonderful snow-woman and made 2 beautiful snow-babies. Introducing, the SnowBulls....(and yes, Patrick is trying to make out with his)

The neighborhood kids came over and played for almost 3 hours today! What a fun time :-) The snow was perfect again for snowman making and snowball fights! This time, the kids did all the snowman making. They added pig tails to Evelyn's and my snowwomen (as hair) and gave Patrick and Gavin tails (hey...I was just happy they put the sticks on the BACK side of the guys :-)

We plan on adding some faces later, but it started getting dark and the kids were getting cold (okay, I was the one getting cold). But we also had a great snowball fight, shoveled the driveway, played in the igloo and fort, and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing snowfall we have been getting. We are supposed to get more tomorrow too - so it should be another fun day at the Bull's!


WineLover said...

They didn't go making snow babies in front of my kids did they? we're getting enough questions about where babies come from around here!

the4bulls said...

no - but it was the kids idea to make the rest of the family - since we already had Mr. Snowman. But I must say, it was Ella's idea to put a stick on the boys bottom region. It was their "tail".

Ashli Welsh said...

Love it!

Modern Catholic Mom said...

We're coming over to play tomorrow. We want to make Snowbulls too. - Tara

Mary said...

Love the pigtails. Looks like a mini Evelyn!