Saturday, February 28, 2009

A new-found respect

I think Patrick gained a little new found respect for me and all other stay at home moms today. We got a great little surprise when he ended up not having to go into work until almost 6pm (he was supposed to go in at 6am - but the other guy on call did rounds for him since he was already there, and then there were no traumas until 6pm). Anyway, he went to the grocery store, made breakfast, read the paper, went to the library with the kids, ate lunch, took a little nap, played Wii, played games with Gavin, taught Gavin how to play Guitar Hero, built a train track, talked on the phone to friends, and by 3 o'clock - was TOTALLY BORED! He didn't know what to do. He was so antsy and just wanted to go outside but it was too cold. He wanted to exercise, but didn't want to wake up Evelyn. He wanted to go to a store, but didn't want to spend money (that we don't have). He felt bad that he was losing ideas to do to keep Gavin busy, let alone himself.

All in just ONE afternoon. Imagine that day - after day - after day. I think he now understands that when I call and practically BEG him to let us come to the hospital to eat dinner with him, it is not because we miss him terribly (I mean we miss him some - but can deal with it). It is because I AM SO BORED and need to get out of the house, break up the mundane routine!!! I think he finally gets it.