Thursday, February 26, 2009


February - the shortest, yet LONGEST month in the year.

I always get a little blue this time of year. Post holidays. Pre sunny weather. It sucks. I know everyone else gets bummed around here too. Days blend into each other. It doesn't help that Patrick is on trauma (the worst rotation) and is working on call every other night. That means weekends don't exist. Which makes the week even longer. I swear I am so in cycle with my routine, I don't even know the day of the week. I just know it as Spanish lesson day, or Pilates day. I come up with stupid things to do - like go to Target to buy diaper wipes - just to get out of the house. I BEG Patrick to let us come visit him at the hospital and eat dinner with him so it breaks up our mundane evening. I do lessons out of the preschool book. I let the kids watch tons of movies and play countless games. The kids bedtimes get earlier and earlier. I facebook to feel connected since so many people hibernate here. I go tanning to feel some warmth. I go to the gym for fun.

March 20th cannot get here soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I do all of those exact same things to get through February. What happens on March 20?

Mary said...

Totally feel you!

the4bulls said...

March 20th is "the 1st day of spring" but also a vacay for me (and the kiddos).

Ashli Welsh said...

I'm with you! I really don't like February much and can't wait till warmer weather. We're still thinking about being warm year round too...I guess time will tell!