Thursday, February 5, 2009

ER renovations


The Ladies hard at work!


Tonight, the ladies (wives) did a service project where we updated/renovated the children's waiting area in the ER. This ER is not as big as most (the real traumas go downtown) so it really had a pathetic little room with a cardboard box to hold toys!!! They are building a brand new ER (due 2010) so we didn't want to invest too much $$$ into this. I think we did a great job! Some IKEA furniture, Target, and the almighty, Once Upon a Child...and we were set! Ashli redid the border and some cute wall pictures and we added a colorful mat too! What do you think?!!?? I think we did a great job!


Mary said...

I think it looks fabulous! You and Ashli did a fantastic job planning the makeover!

Jodi said...

Nice job!

Tara said...

It seriously looks amazing... you guys did awesome!