Tuesday, January 27, 2009

supernumery tooth

Gavin had his 6 month cleaning at the Dentist yesterday. Last time was a nightmare. He doesn't/didn't have any cavities - but he was deathly afraid of the chair. He felt like he was going to fall off - and hated when they moved it up and down. They could barely get the cleaning done. So this time, Dr. JoJo was ready - but he was a perfect patient. He opened wide, held the spit sucker, and helped count his teeth with her. But, to her surprise...Gavin counted one more than what she expected. So she recounted herself - and sure enough, he has a hereditary trait of having an extra tooth. He has a lot of room in his mouth, so it doesn't look weird and may never become a problem. She took x-rays to see if he has an extra "big" tooth under it - and he does. She says it is pretty common - and not a big deal. I was a little freaked out - thinking I caused it by drinking wine during pregnancy or not taking my vitamins every day - but she said it is genetic.

So when I got home, Evie woke up from her nap and I looked in her mouth and, sure enough, she has an extra one in the same place too. On the bottom row of teeth, they have 5 teeth between the eye teeth (the pointy ones) when there should only be four. I can't believe I never noticed - and the dentist said the same. We even got Evie's teeth x-rayed when she tore her frenulum. It is possible they just popped up - but most likely they were there all along, and mother of the year just didn't see them!

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