Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bragging post

I know some of my posts can be used to vent, or discuss weird things that occurred that day. But this one is different. This is a total bragging blog. I am bragging about how great my kids were today.

We got a mother storm that came through last night and into today - so school was canceled. We spent most of the morning in pjs, playing games, playing in our rooms, eating a slow breakfast of whatever the kids wanted. Patrick was working - so it was just me and my babies.

The morning flew and we had a nice lunch. Then, Gavin and I played some Wii, and took our "mandatory snow day naps" (something I came up with). 3 hours later, we got on our snow suits and played outside for 2.5 hours. The kids played while I shoveled the ice/snow (1 inch of ice with 8 inches of snow on top) then we came in for dinner. They ate their whole meal and asked for more (using pleases and thank yous). Then, Gavin asked if he could be excused when he was done!

The two of them played so well I almost didn't want to break it up for bath/shower time. But they went willingly and got dressed and played again together. Laughing, whispering, playing - no fighting. The only bad part of the day was Gavin staying up late because of the 3 hours nap. But - that is to be expected I guess! School is canceled for tomorrow, so cross your fingers for another great day!

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Just the two of us! said...

Your day sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had a good one- your kiddos are so cute!