Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavin!

From the first time that I held you, I wondered what you would be.
My precious gift from Heaven, God chose especially for me.
You are a gift that keeps on giving, my entire life through.
One endless supply of love is what I have in you.
My heart has been filled so many times with love and with joy.
Because of you, my precious Gavin, my little baby boy.
And now, your tiny hand that I love to hold so tight;
I realize is getting bigger, each and every night.
With the determination and confidence that you boldly bring,
You are mastering with skill all sorts of cool new things.
Your newfound independence makes me long for days gone by.
When I hushed you to sleep with song, a sweet ole' lullaby.
Watching you with your sister, sometimes gentle, sometimes not,
I see how good we have it, how lucky we all got!
How I love our storytime and playing cars on the floor.
And that smile that you give me when I walk through the door.
The years go by so fast, and they quickly start to compile.
And sometimes I just reminisce and stare at you for awhile.
And now I watch you take these steps to becoming a little man.
Sadly realizing, my baby boy, that it has always been the plan.
But, for now and forever, I will always love you my son.
Because your mother's heart, you have surely won!
So as you celebrate your 4th birthday with us here today,
Remember we love you, Gavin, in our own individual ways!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Gavin! Kelly, that is such a sweet poem!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Gav!