Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little Girl who cried wolf

So, thanks to Hailey on our vacation together, Evelyn's new favorite phrase is, "I stuck". She uses it very appropriately, and besides "Go Diego Go", it might be her only real words she puts together. In her high chair, when strapped in her stroller or a shopping cart, when she really gets stuck behind the couch - basically all the time she is saying "I stuck". So today when she was laying down to take a nap - I hear her yelling "I stuck". I mean, she says it all the time, so why would I believe she was really stuck. I don't think much of it (probably 10 minutes of her saying it) until I hear "that" cry when you know something bad is happening. Turns out, she got her legs(knees) stuck through the crib spindles, unable to pull them back out. She kept trying herself and ended up getting pretty swollen around her knees - making it even harder to get out. I had to try to pry apart the spindles with one arm and a leg, while pulling her backwards to get her leg out. It was not easy, but I got her out. Now if she would only use the phrase when she REALLY means it...

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