Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick Boy continued...

How sad is it to be a parent when your child is sick? Gavin had spurts of good moments today (when his ibuprofen set in) but for the most of the day was pretty yucky. He seemed ok at dinner - although he ate NOTHING but at least asked for chocolate milk - but then asked to be excused to go lay on the couch. At least he remembered his manners. Then I was taking Evie up for a bath and he started whining that he wanted to go. So upstairs we went - into the tub. Things were fine until I asked him to stand up so I could rinse him off. Then he started SCREAMING and crying asking, "Mommy - why are you hurting me? Stop hurting me please!" He was shaking like a leaf with awful chills and grabbing his body in pain. I quickly swooped him up into a towel and grabbed Patrick to help (since Evie was still in the tub). Patrick took Gavin and got him dressed as quickly as possible. Then Gavin (unable to move himself since he was still shaking) asked to be put into bed with extra blankets, no lights and no fan. He was doing that swallowing thing you do before you puke - so we laid a towel down just in case. I asked him if he wanted me to stay and he said no - he just wanted to sleep. All this was done by 7:15pm (and he had a 2 hr nap). Poor guy. You feel like a schmuck when you can't do anything for them!

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