Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jungle Wonder

I can't upload any pictures because my mom's computer isn't compatible with my camera. But I can take camera phone that's all I can post! Last night, Patrick and I had our FIRST night to chill together by ourselves (after we put the kids to bed). We watched a movie and had pizza! Our favorite things to do!

Today, we all went out to one of our fav breakfast spots. They have amazing food - and their pancakes are bigger than the plate!!! I couldn't even eat 1/4 of one (even with Evie's help). Then Patrick went golfing with some buddies and I was supposed to meet up with a friend for lunch - but she got sick. So instead, I took the kids to another indoor playground, Jungle Wonder. There were some parties going on - so it was a bit crowded at first - but then they went into private rooms and we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. Gavin had so much fun on the playground and rides and he even helped Evie (who was a bit scared at first) by putting his arm around her on rides and holding her hand through the jungle gym. We also got some coins for games and when we had one coin left - he put it in a random game we were passing and hit the jackpot for over 300 tickets! All the kids around thought it was so cool. He got some GI Joe stuff (an army truck and some guys - which Daddy will love because it was his fav growing up). All in all, very fun!

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