Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning and Easter Supper

This morning started off great! The kids came down, excited to see what the Easter bunny left for them! They LOVED the easter egg hunt and Gavin helped Evelyn find her basket that the bunny hid for her (after he found his, of course). I posted some pics from "the hunt". Also - for all those Stoneboro Easter fans - I added a clip movie from Gavin saying...

"Thank you Easter Bunny"!

The rest of the day (after the whole York Peppermint Patties deal - see below post) was sort of yucky. Gavin was on the potty until 2 and then slept from 3-5. We woke him up to join our friends/neighbors for Easter Supper. Gavin was in a bummer mood until he got some grub in his belly...just like his daddy gets.

We had a delicious meal and enjoyed pretending not to miss home/family too much. Actually, I didn't really even think about it until after dinner was done...we were having a great time! Jessica and Hannah came by too which was so nice. And Angie (and gang) have a med student, Larry, who also joined us. So we had a big person table and a kiddie table to accommodate us all. We ate honey baked ham, sweet potato casserole, super yummy scalloped potatoes with corn flake topping, green bean casserole, bread and lots of desserts! I was (still am) so stuffed! Check out some of our cute pics with our favorite is Gavin hugging the girls (McKenna is licking his face!). I also love the ghost apparition crotch shot of Patrick (you know you all looked anyway!)

Thanks to Angie for hosting us - we are so fortunate to have friends like you!


jessclear said...

We had a great time! Thanks so much for the invitation and all the food. It really helped to forget that our Daddy was at work all day and that we miss the rest of the family. It's great to have found such wonderful friends in Columbus!

Mary said...

I checked out the Easter pictures. Everyone looks so cute! I love the pics of Gavin and Evelyn together.