Saturday, February 2, 2008

February - already???

WOW! I can't believe it is February already! Trust me, I am not complaining...I just can't believe it! This means we are that much closer to spring!!! I am really happy because usually winter seems to drag on forever but I feel like time is flying right now.

Since we got back from Chicago we have been pretty busy. Just getting back into the groove of things. Patrick's work continues to be fun and a much better that makes life good too.

The bad part of this week was that Evie got pretty sick. Basically just real high temps but she was MISERABLE!!!! Poor thing. It started wednesday morning with playgroup. She felt a bit warm, so we left early and I took her home and her temp got to close to 103! So we started our regimen of tylenol every 4 hours to avoid her febrile seizures. But after about 2 hours she would spike up again. I didn't have motrin on hand to supplement but she did ok without. That night I was able to sneak away for a "downline meeting" for Stampin' Up. Evie fell asleep right as I left and woke up when I got home. 2 hours. Then it was off an d on sleep every hour or two through the night. Poor thing. And poor mom! But I remember I wrote in an earlier blog that I don't mind those nights because it is when I feel most important. You know the feeling of wanting your mom when you are sick. Well, now I am the mom, and all she wanted/needed was me. So I'll sacrifice some sleep to make her feel more comforted.

Thursday was really rough as she was tired (up again all night) and still spiking fevers. So we didn't even get out of our pjs until close to dinner time! But her fevers started to wear off around then and she was starting to perk up. So Patrick watched her and Gavin AGAIN (thanks Babe) and I met up with some friends for our Spouses meeting...which happened to be movie night.

We went to the Movie Tavern where you can eat and drink in the theater - and it was so fun! We saw 27 dresses and loved it! There were 16 of us there - so it was a great turnout! I hope everyone enjoyed the night out as much as I did!

Patrick got home around 3pm on friday so I ran errands (without the kids!) and then we just watched a movie and went to sleep! I was tired!!!! But luckily Evie slept through the night and I caught up on some sleep. This morning I worked out, came home to a home made breakfast, and we have NOTHING planned for the rest of the weekend! I love it!


WineLover said...

I just asked where the heck January had gone...Sitter's kid had the high temp this week and Si had a low one all day yesterday...we'll be happy to see spring and summer come!!

Mary said...

We've been out of town two weekends in a row, so having no plans sounds like a wonderful weekend.