Monday, January 28, 2008

Chicago visit

Patrick had a course he had to attend right outside of Chicago for his work. It was an arthroscopy course where he was in lectures and labs all day for 3.5 days. He learned how to used the arthroscope on cadavers (a process he has seen in real OR rooms - but was not allowed to do until he took this know, can't mess up a dead guys knee) and had one-on-one time with the instructor because his lab partner was too hung over some days to come in :-)

Anyway, the kids and I joined him since I have relatives in Chi-town. The first night we stayed with my cousin Nicole and her hubby Joe in the city. Joe is an architect and designed this HUGE house in the city - but since the market to sell sucks right now, they moved into the house instead of trying to sell it. It is just the 2 of them - and a 5 level house - so way too big for their needs. But really cool. It just was NOT kid friendly. Lots of stairs and no doors to the rooms = trouble for little kids! So we only stayed one night there and then spent the other 3 nights at the hotel. It actually wasn't bad except Evie got up at 5am Chicago time almost every day.

We went to the best aquarium I have ever been too (The Shedd) and saw a dolphin show. I had never seen one and I was pretty impressed. And the kids were great for it too. Gavin loved it and oohed and aahed the whole time. Evelyn sat and just stared the whole time. Patrick took some pics of us watching and admitted he got a little emotional watching us. It was one of those picturesque moments when things are just right. One of those times you imagine yourself having "when you grow up", with your wife and kids watching a cool show, having fun together. That in and of itself made the trip worth it.

The kids and I also met up with my Uncle Rod to go to the Children's Museum on Navy Pier. Again, one of the coolest I have been too. Gavin loved every inch of it and Evelyn was able to get down and have fun too! It had soooo many sections that we didn't even do them all. There was a dinosaur excursion, a treehouse, a river with fishing and canoing, drive a bus, dress up like a fireman, a build your own airplane, bowling, name it and it was there. Plus when you left there was a cool train to ride and great shopping and food for mom!!! Super fun - thanks for joining us Uncle Rod! PS - Gavin was totally in love with Uncle Rod - and a really good boy for him!!!

The next day the kids and I went to Uncle Rod and Aunt Linda's house. We went to their gym for some pool time and some moon bouncing! Then we went back to the hotel and met up with good friends from PA (who live there now) for some deep dish pizza! YUM! We were ALL in bed by 8 o'clock that night and slept until almost 7!!! YEAH!

Sunday morning the kids and I went back to Linda and Rod's for some brunch. They have a cute dog, Boo, that the kids loved so they played with her and we ate and hung out. Joe and Nicole were there too so it was a nice relaxing time to catch up! Then back to the hotel, pick up Patrick, and back home. I had a great time - but I am ready to stay put for a while! NO MORE TRIPS FOR US FOR A LONG TIME!!!!


Mary said...

I have never been to Chicago but can't wait to go! I'm glad you were able to make it a family trip.

WineLover said...

we love Chicago - hoping we get to take the kids for a long museum weekend sometime this summer!