Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween Party

Today was our annual Halloween Party hosted at Ashli's house. Halloween marks one of my favorite times of year because it kicks off the holiday season and makes me feel all warm inside (even if the weather is getting cold outside). It is so fun to watch the kids dress up (and adults too) and have a good time. And Ashli and Ian always do a great job of entertaining and making sure everyone is having a good time for this party.

Cara and I went to Sams Club and bought the bulk item food that was needed and also helped with making goody bags for the kids. And each family brought a dish - either a side, appetizer or dessert. So everyone chips in! Evelyn dressed up as a princess pirate (thanks to my girlfriend Laura who owns Oh Baby Maternity and Nursery - who told me Heidi Klum bought this for her daughter - then got me one too) and Gavin was a Thomas the Train conductor.

Earlier in the day I watched our friends' kids, Gigi and Sophia, so they could go to the OSU game, so I got cute pics from that too. Gigi and Evie were born on the same day and Gavin and Sophia are only 3 weeks apart so they play so well together. So we didn't get to the party until 4 (and Evie had no pm nap) but we made it in time for the balloon man!!! He made the craziest balloons - he could make anything!!! We also had a piniata, played a toss game and just chilled with friends. The best was thinking we could get a group shot of all the kids. 17 families trying to get their kid to sit and smile was hilarious!!! Let's just say there will be no good pics of that!

Since Evelyn didn't nap - she was ready to go to bed at 6:30 so we had to leave early - but it's ok. Patrick is on call so I have a whole evening to myself since the kids got bathed and dressed and were in bed by 7:00. What is a girl to do? I think a nice long bubble bath is in the mix!!!

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