Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 3 - I am serious this time

We are on day 3 of some hard core potty training. I know some people may disagree with trying too hard to make your kid trained - but Gavin is over 3, showed all the signs of being ready, and has gone before on the potty. Now I am staying in, keeping an eye on him as much as possible and making him sit on the potty every hour or two. Sometimes he pees there, sometimes I just wait another hour. The first day was awful. I am not putting ANY diapers on him during the day - just his Thomas Underwear. So we had 3 poopy pants and 5 peepees. Not a good start. He did, however, pee twice on the potty - but I was just bummed about how much he didn't care about going in his pants. The second day was a bit better. Patrick was post-call so he was home to help. We were very successful in the peepee category but not so much for poo. Only one peepee accident - in which he told us right away that he needed to go to the toilet - just AFTER he went. And only one poo that day - and it was in his pants. A big one!! YUCK!!! Today has been good. I am putting him on every 2 hours and he is going well. He still does not tell me he has to go - it is me putting him on a schedule. Maybe that is what he needs now? He did poop in his pants again today - but so far all peepee has been on the potty. And he even stayed dry at the gym (the only place we have ventured to during this time). So keep your fingers crossed that he will continue to get better!!!

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