Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Play Group and other funny events of the day

So today was playgroup as always on Wednesday. We went to a Fire Truck Museum which was way cool. They had all sorts of old firetrucks, told stories about how horses were used to pull the trucks, and had fun and games to teach kids about fire safety (and moms too). They had a bell that the kids could ring and they actually showed us how to put out kitchen fires. They also had a really cool play area that they made of firetruck things. There was a huge front end of a firetruck the kids could play in (that was on the ground a kid friendly - with flashing lights and all), a station where they could get dressed in boots and fire jackets and hats, a truck to sit in that had a tv monitor in front of it so it looked like you were driving a real truck to a fire scene and a fireman's pole that they could climb to and slide down.

Unfortunately, Gavin is still recovering from his illness and was a ZOMBIE! He was totally emotionless through the whole thing, I felt so bad for him. At one point it looked like he was going to pass out, so the mommy instinct in me took him home. He has been asleep for over two hours since then!

The other reason I had to leave early was because the washing machine man was coming between 11-2 to fix the washer. Turns out, one of Patrick's black dress socks he wears (on rare occasion when he does have to dress up), got sucked into the filter (God only knows how) and was stuck. The guy said it was good we called and didn't keep trying ourselves because it could of caught fire. YIKES! But it got resolved and he rinsed it with vinegar to get the yucky smell out and it's working again! Good thing because we were running out of clothes!

Another cute thing is that Evelyn is now trying to feed herself like a big person! So MESSY!!!

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