Monday, September 24, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Today started off as a rough day!!! Gavin woke up with pooh all over him and his bed. He continued to have diarrhea through the morning (very much like Saturday's version) and was pretty miserable. Evie was doing great though - enjoying all of her new toys and girlie things!!! Gavin started to perk up around noon and Patrick came home shortly afterwards. Unfortunately for us, our washing machine broke so I couldn't wash the pooh-y clothes, sheets, etc. We spent most of the day looking for the manual and setting up a day for the maintenance crew to fix it - good thing we got the extended warranty! And good thing Patrick found it!

Once that was done it was a pretty fun day. Evelyn slept a good 2 hours in the pm so I made some thank you cards (I will post them later) and cleaned up while Patrick straightened up our storage area and mowed the lawn while Gavin followed his lead. After a yummy dinner we went to the lake behind us and went fishing. It was a beautiful night with the family and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. It is very rare Patrick is home early enough and the weather is nice enough to that! So over all - quite a better afternoon than morning!!!

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