Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I can't believe it's been a year already since we (ok - I) gave birth to our gorgeous baby girl, Evelyn. She has completed our family and made our lives brighter with each day she has been here. It's amazing how women quickly forget the process of childbirth (the big things - contractions, IVs, etc) but remember the little things like the first time she wrapped her tiny hand around my fingers or the first time she pooped on me in the hospital. I remember the tears uncontrollably flowing from Patrick's face when they told us it was a girl, and how scared he was to raise a daughter. Also how he planned on going out and buying a shotgun to protect her from boys like himself. I remember dreaming of barbie dolls, and shopping, and dance recitals. Of Gavin protecting his little sister from any bad boys and the close bond I hope they have when they are older. I remember her first bath, the first day daddy had to go back to work, her first shots at the doctor's, her first smile, her first laugh, her first rolling over, first many firsts in their first year. And I remember all of them. Evelyn has been pure joy - exactly what we expected and wanted. Her and Gavin make Patrick and I feel like we have done the best thing in the world by bringing them into this universe. They complete us and make our lives feel richer by bring in it.

We plan on spending today with our friends from playgroup and our neighbors tonight. It is also GiGi's birthday (born about half hour apart right next door to each other) so we made some cute pink cupcakes for all of our friends to share! Unfortunately, Evelyn has been pretty sick lately, and we thought she was doing better but has had a really rough morning already. Getting up at 5 with an explosive diaper, had to bathe her and change her, and she has had an on and off fever too which always scares me due to her febrile seizures in the past. She is FINALLY napping so we will see what happens. We might have to celebrate another day (which we are having a party this weekend and next weekend - but it's not the same as being on the exact day) :-(


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