Friday, September 21, 2007

Cheesecake Factory

Last night we utilized our new found budget for the Advocates at Doctor's Hospital. To test it out, we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Easton - a favorite of a lot of us girls! 15 people were there and we had a blast! Almost everyone got there right on time and so we sat down by 6:45pm and stayed until almost 9!!! It was so fun! I am very excited about the possibilities Fatema (the woman in charge of the Advocates) has brought to our group and how well people have resonded with ideas for socializing, public service, etc. I am also really please because we had 2 more members come last night who will hopefully become more active in either our playgroup or our regular meetings. We have about 8 new interns spouses this year who are very excited and active and have become good friends - which is what the group is all about!

On another good note - Evelyn is feeling much better today and yesterday! So hopefully she will be 100% for the party this weekend (about 40 people coming) and the party next weekend in PA (about 50 people coming - and also doing her dedication). Keep your fingers crossed!

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