Saturday, June 2, 2007

What a trip! Day 2

Continuing our trip details:

Thursday, May 24 - Today was spent on the road a lot again! I needed to go to the car dealership to get my brakes looked. Once I got there, the guy I usually deal with was not there (and he said he would be) but he called the service department to let them know I was coming. I tried to explain to the best of my knowledge what I was hearing/feeling in the car. They looked at me like I was crazy - and even said "It can't be your brakes - there isn't even 7000 miles on the car" (like I was thinking). I also showed them a secondary problem we've had since we got the car, where the car goes nuts and starts beeping in morse code like sounds when we use the keyless entry pad. This only happens once in a while - but enough to be really annoying...especially when the kids are sleeping and it wakes them. It is not like the panic button sound - but truly like morse code signals. Luckily, the alarm sounded when I was there (usually the problem never arises when you want it to) and they determined they needed a specialist to come and look at it and they might need it for more than a week! I wouldn't have minded except that they were going to put me in a POS Taurus that could barely fit my double stroller, stunk of smoke, and was just not comparable to what I am used to driving. The specialist was not available until the next day (Friday) so they said I could take the rental car now or bring the car back the next day - since they "checked" my brakes and "nothing was wrong with them" (the air quotes are meant to express my sarcasm) - I must not know what I was talking about. I chose to take my own car - since I had lots more driving to do and it was more comfy and had the dvd player for Gavin.

Next stop was to Anna's house to drop off the kids while I went to the salon for my waxing. Always a fun experience :-) Once I picked up the kids, I went to the local park where I knew some friends were with their kids. Gavin had fun and played with everyone. The park was across the street from my Godfathers house (who I did not expect to be home but was) so we went over and saw him, my aunt and their daughter Randi who was heading back to Utah - which was why they were all home in the middle of the day. It was a great surprise to see them all - and checked them off the list of "have-to-see-when-home". Good.

After that we went to visit my Poppop (aka pop-pop-pop) where I was nervous since Gavin was not in the best mood. But once we got there - Pop-pop-pop gave Gavin a lollipop and was his new best friend. I could not have asked for a better visit! Gavin was on his BEST behavior (as was Evie) and held pop-pop-pop's hand, gave kisses, talked to the little old ladies that lived in the apartment building, and was just overall the best he has acted since he's turned 2!!! Perfect timing since I don't think pop-pop-pop has the most tolerance for bad behavior! Anyway...a great visit!

Then, back to Anna's for some pizza and Lost (since I missed the season finale the night before). Anyone who watches it knows how good this episode was! Franks Pizza is my favorite pizza in the world - so it was a great night. Then back to the Bull's and asleep by 9pm again! Very good day - except my brakes were squeaking more than ever and felt like they were starting to not work...more about that in the next blog!

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