Saturday, June 2, 2007

What a trip! Day 1

So far our trip has been quite exciting to say the least! Here it is so far (we are half way through) broken down by the day's events:

Wednesday May 23 - This was our travel day. Luckily - we had great weather and barely any traffic. We had one snafu when we were 2 miles from our exit to stop and eat and we hit dead stop back up from an accident. It was lunchtime, so the kids were getting a bit antsy, but more importantly in my mind - it was mommy's bathroom break effect from drinking all that coffee and soda to stay awake. Let's just say I called some friends to take a quick poll - should I a) pee in a snapple bottle, b) pee in one of my kid's diapers, or c) pee on the side of the road. My friends thought this was hysterical - but not so funny when it actually happens to you. As I got out of the car and checked the miles of traffic ahead I decided to feed Evelyn and chose it was best to just do it on the side of the road. We were in the left lane, next to the barrier so if I opened my door and Evelyn's door I had a nice little "stall". The only downfall was a big truck next to me where the trucker could see everything. As I was debating my situation, the trucker leaned over and said he heard we were moving - and sure as heck - we were! So no peeing on the side of the road for me! We stopped in 2 miles and beelined for the bathroom. The rest of the trip was uneventful except for at the very end when we were a few miles from the Bull's house. All of a sudden my car started making funny squeaking noises when I braked and a whistling noice when I accellerated. It sounded like a beat up old car. When we finally got to the house, the car was stinkin' like burnt rubber or something? Definitely not right for a car we just bought and has LESS than 7000 miles! Not what I needed. I called the guy we bought the car from and told him we were coming in the next morning to get it looked at (that will be a whole other blog). Then, Mommom and Poppop Bull made us a nice dinner and helped give the kids baths and put them to bed. They were both asleep before 9 (which is pretty good for a travel day which normally throws them way off). I was out by 10. Except for the car issue - a very easy trip! But keep reading my future blogs to read some more days...let's just say some involve a lost phone, a HUGE arguement with the car dealer, a broken leg, and a McParty Bus.

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