Monday, February 27, 2012

i'm so bad

I am awful. I know it. But for some reason - I hate to blog if I don't have pictures. And I can't upload pictures because my memory is full on my computer. And I bought a hard drive to try to make space - but I am computer illiterate. So it hasn't worked. And I can't upload any more pictures. Even from our AMAZING, BEST EVER, CAN'T TOP IT, ski vacation. Or seeing the one-of-a-king Snow Monkeys on our home from ski vacation. Even pictures from my NEW fancy schmancy camera that I got from Santa - or pics of the kids from Christmas morning. Even from our super-cool, ridiculously fun, wonderfully unique trip (with some of our favorite people in Japan) to Sapporo for the Snow and Ice Festival where we got to go to the Sapporo Beer Factory for dinner, go snow rafting (totally fun), and see world class competition in snow/ice sculptures. Or from our romantic, annual Valentine's special weekend in downtown Tokyo - complete with an 8 course meal and a trip to the highest aquarium in the world.

Maybe in March when things slow down a bit I will get it all figured out. But for now - please accept my apologies. I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for an updated blog post from me.


Mary said...

It's a good thing I joined FB so I could see some you've taken anyway! You have done so many awesome things and can't wait to hear more about it once you get a chance to blog them.

Laura said...

If I don't have pictures I don't like to blog either. Figure out your new system. I miss your posts.!