Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I don't know why these little thoughts pop up - but it always amazes me when they do! I mean, I know my parents love me. They have always been loving, caring, supportive, etc. And I could understand that love once I had children. I distinctly remember when I brought Gavin home from the hospital that I suddenly realized JUST HOW MUCH a parent loves a child.

I was re-reading my earlier post to my children about how I was so sorry that they had to go through something as horrible as they did on March 11. And then I realized that my parents probably felt the same thing for me. The fear. The sadness. The worry. The relief when we were ok. The wanting to make it all go away.

I remember the weight that was lifted from my shoulders when I walked off that final airplane in Philadelphia. Words cannot express the feeling I had when the first people I saw were my Dad, Godfather and sister. And then, when we reached our final destination at my mom's house there was that extra layer of comfort. But. it was not only me that was relieved. Hugging me (and their grandchildren), knowing they could protect us for a while, being there to show support...it is a parents job, right, and passion.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and I hope to be able to pass that down from generation to generation!

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Shelby said...

beautifully said!