Friday, March 11, 2011

prayers please

For those that don't facebook - please pray for Japan. We had an 8.9 Earthquake today with a deadly tsunami that followed. We are safe - but very scared. Many very strong aftershocks . Will post again soon.


Glass Half Full said...

praying for you guys. earthquakes are VERY scary; i was in the big northridge one way back in the 90s and a few after just feel as if every aftershock may be a bigger one. thinking of you.

I am Laura said...

So so scary. I am hoping all destruction ends and people can get their lives back together. I am so sad for the Japanese people. Stay safe and keep those little ones close.

I am Laura said...

just read that another earthquake hit. I so hope you are still safe. You are still in my thoughts today. Hoping for peace in that area.