Monday, September 6, 2010

Showa Park

Yesterday was Labor day - so Gavin had the day off, but Evelyn still had her school (not a Japanese holiday). Patrick also had off so we decided to venture out to a local park. We took one of Gavin's new friends also - and made our way. I felt bad though because the park was literally down the street from Evie's school. So we sent her on the bus and went on our separate way. There are so many activities to do at the park, but we decided to stay in the section with a lot of fun kid activities. We paid for parking - but were afraid the park was closed because there were only 2 other cars there. But, since it was not a Japanese holiday, everyone was working. So it was open and we had the place basically to ourselves. If you check out the link above and look at the pictures, you will see tons of people. But there was not one other family in sight until lunchtime!

The kids had fun and Patrick and I were in awe of the beauty behind the park (and the fact that no one else was there). We had a great time until we were playing on the net course and Gavin decided to run up a hill and slide down. We told him not to do it - but he didn't listen and ran to the top of the hill only to realize that the ground was burning hot (he had his shoes off because of the nets) so he was screaming and crying and couldn't get off the hot ground. Patrick had to try to hurdle the nets to run up to him - but by then he had burned the bottoms of his feet and sat on the ground (he had shorts on that were long to protect his legs thank goodness). That basically put an end to our trip - which was ok though because it was HOT out and we had to head back to get Evie.

We are glad we found the park though - and plan to go back again when it is not as hot out so we can explore more areas :-)

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Mary said...

Poor Gavin!
The park looks beautiful!